Naz Shah MP, Chair and Lord Alderdice, Co-Chair

Financial Inclusion of Muslims in the UK

The APPG on Islamic and Ethical Finance (APPGIEF) is to carry out an inquiry to facilitate the financial inclusion of Muslims in the UK. By calling for evidence on this matter, the APPGIEF aims to gather insights and perspectives to better understand the challenges and barriers faced by Muslim communities in accessing financial services. The inquiry seeks to identify ways to promote equal access, tailored products, and fair treatment within the financial sector, growing the UK financial market. By addressing the financial inclusion gap, the APPGIEF aims to create a more inclusive and equitable financial landscape that supports the economic empowerment and social well-being of Muslims in the UK, delivering benefits to all.

Islamic finance refers to a financial system that operates in accordance with Islamic principles. It enables Muslims to access banking, mortgages, investments, and insurance products that are compliant with their religious values. This fosters a sense of inclusion and allows Muslims to contribute more to the economy.

To better understand the financial needs of Muslims in the UK, we are inviting submissions from scholars, individuals, consumers, entrepreneurs, practitioners, academics, professional service providers, community groups, charities, and financial institutions.

Written evidence is invited in response.

This call for evidence is now closed.

Many thanks for the significant level of interest in the recent call for evidence, the high quality of the submissions and the time given to contribute to this important work.

We will now undertake the review of evidence.

For any related inquiries please send an email with “Financial Inclusion of Muslims in the UK” in the subject line to:

Three ways to share your submission

If you prefer to answer these questions via email, please download the word document on the right and email your response to with the subject line “Financial Inclusion of Muslims in the UK'.

The APPGIEF will convene a session in September at the Westminster Town Hall. This would give an opportunity for feedback on the information shared. A report will then be prepared and circulated with parliamentarians and political parties to help achieve the recommendations from the consultation.

For any related inquiries please send an email with “Financial Inclusion of Muslims in the UK” in the subject line to:

The deadline for submissions is 29th September 2023.